Thursday, December 9, 2010

NYLON news

Well, let me just start by saying this month's NYLON is fabulous. (btw Mila Kunis is looking real great here and I can not wait to see Black Swan) BUT the fact that they did an entire spread over the highly anticipated (yet, presumably mediocre) US SKINS just made it all the better, turns out it might not be so bad after all.

"It's kind of weird," says Harvie. "They're not like the teens that I grew up with.. They live insane lives. They're doing cocaine when they're 14 and being bored of cocaine at 16. They're renting apartments on Craigslist with the sole purpose of destroying them." 
Apparently the US version of SKINS isn't going to suck as bad as everyone suspected, which is great news since the UK version was quite the fancy boner, HOWEVER, I will believe it when I see it. In this month's NYLON Derek Harvie, writer and co-executive producer, explains that everything you will see on the show was "pre approved" by a panel of Manhattan hellions who aren't going to let anything be less than zantastic. Good to hear, but I'm just not sure how well its going to fuse with those "above the influence" bits MTV likes to show off. If MTV is going as balls to the wall as they like to claim, I wouldn't be too surprised if concerned parents tried to get it taken off the air. (And god forbid they actually do since this could be the one good thing MTV ever did for itself). Good luck MTV. 

Skins premiers in Jan 2011 on MTV and I know I'll be setting my DVR to record. boing!

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