Sunday, October 2, 2011

sweet treats!

So, lately I've been going to these free make-up events at Sephora, and they always have me lookin' so good for work, so I figured it was time I treated myself to some new goodies! As I was getting my make-up done yesterday, I noticed this boxed beauty sitting on the shelf. As I was gazing at its lustrous properties I nearly got my eye poked out via mascara wand, and through the confusion I guess I let one of the workers talk me into buying it. The set is Sweet Dreams by Too Faced and it comes with 15 shadows, 2 blushes, 1 highlighting powder, 1 chocolate soleil bronzer (seriously smells like chocolate), a primer, and three sample cards to getcha lookin' extra fly. At $52, it’s a REALLY good deal and it’s tooo beautiful so I highly recommend going out and gettin' it! (Or keep it in mind for the holidays, since they're right around the corner).

get it HERE!

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