Thursday, December 1, 2011

mz daisy* ashish on the runway

While browsing the web last night, I stumbled upon the most recent, s/s line by Ashish and instantly fell in love. With further inspection of most recent collections to the first ever, it dawned on me... This had to be one of my favorites designers. From season to season the use of color, patterns and shimmer, is simply impeccable. Not to mention, I'm really into the tomboy glam vibe of the relaxed fits and fresh prints featured in the majority of their collections. From its grungy make-up to outrageous prints, Ashish is a badass collaboration of sass and scandal and in my opinion, the styling is always on point.

*FUN FACT: A driving miss daisy is "someone who drives 2 miles an hour down a road and doesn't pull over to let you pass.they are brake happy. could be boy or girl."

look at driving miss daisy in front of us. he should gas up
-Courtesy of Urban Dictionary.

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